About North Carolina Realty Group

North Carolina Realty Group is a website which give buyers, sellers and leaseholders of homes with the data, devices and expertise they have to find and make their ideal home.

North Carolina

North Carolina

For over 15 years, North Carolina Realty Group has been a pioneer in the neighborhood and local Real Estate Market. The greater part of our real estate agents portfolio is lifetime or long-term occupancy of the apartment as we comprehend the real estate sector.

Whether you might want to sell your present home or are considering owning your own house, our legitimate and educated specialists highly esteem giving special client service. Whether you are a first time home purchaser, a vendor, or an investor, our group has the experience you require for private, business or industrial properties.

Our locale is exceptionally diverse, offering downtown living, rural and country groups, private settings, stunning mountain vistas and lakefront living. Public entertainment ranges are accessible on every single local lake. Our groups are special.

While we are settled in North Carolina, and numerous other little encompassing groups, we offer residential community appeal and environment while managing simple interstate access to bigger urban communities. Search through our properties and meet our specialists, they are just a click or even just a call away. We at North Carolina Realty Group look forward to working with you.

North Carolina Realty Group Mission Statement


To protect and advance the general population interests in realty matters through license, regulation, instruction and authorization.


  • To be a successful purchaser advocate by checking and directing industry hones while advancing open mindfulness.
  • To be a compelling client centered department giving opportune and productive administrations to licensees, sub dividers and customers.


The administration of the North Carolina Realty Group is organized with center values that develop autonomy and harmony between its two unmistakable mission obligations. These qualities save the trustworthiness of operational commitments, guarantee coordination and participation between the working projects, draw in Bureau partners, and cultivate a situation that supports the expert advancement of its staff.


North Carolina Realty Group turns into the Champion of Public Protection in Real Estate business. The vision without bounds for the company is engaged after receiving advancements that will make new norms of magnificence in service offerings and upgrade customer security by:

  • Incorporating innovation in its procedures to better serve the business and general public.
  • Improving the availability to data that is dynamic and secure.
  • Increasing the knowledge of our staff.
  • Maximizing authorization endeavors to address infringement of the Real Estate and Subdivided Lands Laws.
  • Providing authorizing, subdivision capability and customer related administrations helpfully and on time.
  • Promoting customer effort to encourage the settling on of informed choices in land exchanges.
  • Adjusting to the altering business situations of the land business.
  • Providing authority in housing issues in South Carolina.


  • Enhance implementation and effort endeavors to address contract related purchaser issues and concentrate on home loan extortion authorization endeavors.
  • Adopt authoritative changes that will support shopper assurance and extend help.
  • Enhance real estate industry services.

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